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  1. Guidelines for Lodging Complaints with CVO, HUDCO
    • Ensure that the complaint is addressed directly to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO).
    • Vigilance Complaints can be lodged only against employees of HUDCO.
    • The Vigilance Department deals mainly with matters related to corruption and matters having ‘Vigilance Angle.’ The complaints are handled as per the complaint handling policy stipulated in the Vigilance Manual of the Central Vigilance Commission.
    • The complainants should lodge complaints only regarding issues having vigilance angle and which are not part of any litigation in any courts, tribunals, etc., i.e., the matter should not be sub-judice.
    • Complaints pertaining to Housing Finance Companies and without any vigilance angle will not be entertained.
    • Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts, and related documents. They should not be vague or contain sweeping general allegations.
    • Withdrawal of complaint is not permitted. Action once initiated, the complaint will be taken to its logical conclusion irrespective of the complainant’s request for withdrawal of complaint.

    Complaints against HUDCO which do not involve corruption or vigilance related matters and are related to normal operations of the company & general complaints relating to other organizations (HFC etc.) having no vigilance aspects are to be registered in Grievance Redressal System. These complaints are not to be sent to the vigilance vertical of HUDCO. You may approach this office in person or through the undernoted email. We assure you to keep your identity confidential, if desired by you specifically.

    Chief Vigilance Officer
    Address: HUDCO Bhawan, Core 7-A,
    India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

    Email: cvo[at]hudco[dot]org
    Landline: Tel-011-24624447

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