Financing, Consultancy and Capacity Building
Aiming New Responsibilities, Looking New Possibilities...
Centre for Urban Poverty Slums & Livelihoods (CUP)
    • Integrated Development of Slums and Informal Settlements
    • Livelihoods and Skill Development
    • Cluster based Micro-enterprise Development
    • Urban Informal Sector
    • Slum free City Planning
    • Delivery of Basic Services in Slums
    • Micro-finance
    • Community Mobilization
    • Social accountability & Social Audit
Centre for Project Development & Management (CPD)
    • Project Formulation, Appraisal and Financing
    • Project Development and Management
    • Capacity building for Quality Assurance and Third-Party Inspection and Monitoring (TPIM)
    • Orientation and Management Development Programmes for HUDCO Executives
    • Leadership & Management for senior executives
    • Business Promotion Workshops for HUDCO borrowing agencies

Centre for Sustainable Habitat (CSH)
    • Sustainable Human Settlements Planning & Management
    • Urban Infrastructure Planning
    • Habitat Design & Development
    • Land & Land use Management
    • Climate-Change, Energy & Environment
    • Urban Governance & Municipal Finance
Centre For Affordable Housing (CAH)
    • Housing & Habitat Policy
    • Planning & Design for Housing
    • Public Service Delivery
    • Housing Finance
    • Appropriate/Alternate Technologies for Housing and Infrastructure
    • Housing Statistics including Housing Indices