Partnership and Networking

The Stakeholders that are partnering the growth of HSMI belong to diverse sectors and groups. HSMI is continually engaged in partnerships and collaboration with these for networking in the field of human settlements, at international, national and state levels by organizing and participating in exchange programmes and other information and experience sharing events. This helps to accelerate the process of transfer of skills and experience.

  • Government Sector
  • HUDCO is a Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and HUDCO’s HSMI has been recognized as a National Resource Centre by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). HSMI undertakes preparatory Activities for Policy Interventions vide National Consultations for framing of Policies in the Urban development, Affordable Housing, Housing finance, Land assembly, Risk reduction, Green and innovative technologies, Climate change resilience, Real Estate laws and special provisions in financing and governance for Low Income Groups and Economically weaker sections of the society. Various other Central Government Ministries/ Institutions, State Government Ministries and State Public Agencies are associated with HSMI for capacity building programmes or as HUDCO chair institutions. The All India Housing Development Association (AIHDA), New Delhi is another Institution that works in close association in the field of Housing studies and capacity building.

  • Institutions
  • The IHS Rotterdam has anextensive association with HSMI since its role in the establishment of HSMI. IHS has provided mentorship, education, training and capacity building to the officers of HUDCO in the field of Planning, Housing and Urban Development. Some of the current partnerships and networking activities of HSMI include UN-HABITAT, IHS Rotterdam, IBSA-HS (India, Brazil and South Africa – Human Settlements), CITYNET, and ITEC training programmes at the international level. These are Multi-lateral & Bi-lateral Agenciesthat collaborate with HSMI on international platforms for capacity building, handholding and consultancy services to various government and international agencies. HSMI is involved in preparatory activities, consultative meets and preparation of reports for International networking.

    The Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing & Urban Development (APMCHUD) is an inter-governmental mechanism for collaboration and cooperation in the field of housing and urban development among the Asia Pacific countries. Established under the aegis and support of UN-Habitat, APMCHUD is a consultative mechanism on the promotion of sustainable development of Housing and Urban Development in the Asia-Pacific Region. APMCHUD is composed of the Biennial Ministerial Conference, the Bureau and the Secretariat. The permanent Secretariat of APMCHUD is hosted by India in New Delhi. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India is the nodal Ministry and Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) is the nodal institution on behalf of the MoHUA. HUDCO’s HSMI undertook preparatory meetings, documentation of conference background materials, networking with APMCHUD members, organizing the 6th APMCHUD Conference 2016 at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi, preparation of Conference Report and other related activities relevant for MoHUA.

    CITYNET was created in response to the needs of growing cities in the Asia Pacific. In 1982 the 1st Regional Congress of Local Authorites for the Development of Human Settlements in the Asia Pacific was held in Yokohama, Japan. Human Settlement Management Institute (HUDCO-HSMI), successfully organized an international training programme on ‘Climate Change and Cities-Way Forward for Adaptation, Mitigation, and Resilience’ on October 21-25, 2019, in partnership with CityNet National Chapter under India’s first international partnership with CityNet Secretariat.

    IBSA is a trilateral arrangement between India, Brazil and South Africa aimed at promoting South-South Cooperation and exchange. A Working Group on Human Settlements (WGHS) exists under the umbrella of IBSA. That working group selected to focus on cooperation in the area of informal settlements upgrading between the three countries. HSMI prepares for the background material and documentation for activities like annual conference of this initiative that is centered on joint research, on policy dialogues and on technical cooperation.

    The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme under MEA was instituted in 1964, as a bilateral programme of assistance by the Govt of India. Over the last several decades, ITEC contributed substantially to capacity building in many parts of the world. ITEC programmes have attracted thousands of participants from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central Europe for training in a diverse range of subjects at a number of institutes across the country. Under ITEC, HSMI has conducted 44 ITEC programmes in which about 964 participants have been trained from 162 developing countries from all over the world.

    UN-Habitat National Institutions-HUDCO’s HSMI & NAREDCO had signed Memorandum of Understanding under which they jointly conducted37 training programmes on “Real Estate Management” and a fee- based customized training programme for officers of Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA). Many Research Institutions are associated with HSMI likeSchool of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology- New Delhi, Mumbai, Madras apart from 18 HUDCO Chair Institutions and other reputed academic and research institutions at the national level. HSMI also closely collaborates with All India Housing Development Association (AIHDA);Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Mysore; Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration (RIPA), Jaipur; National Institute of Habitat Management, Orissa;Professional Development Centre of MHADA, Pune and centre for NGOs; National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi; Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi and the All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) and other important bodies.