HUDCO’s HSMI is envisioned as having many mandates, roles and responsibilities in respect of

    • Training and Capacity Building
    • Research
    • Partnership and networking
    • Documentation, dissemination and publication
    • Technical inputs in sectoral policies and programmes to the Ministry
  2. Training & Capacity Building Programmes:

    HUDCO’s HSMI is recognized as a leading research and training institution in the housing and urban development sector and is involved with capacity building both at the regional, national and international level for more than 38 years. Since inception, HSMI has organized more than 1808 training programmes benefitting more than 54,764 professionals.

    Amongst these, the institute has also conducted 51 ITEC and 6 e-ITEC customized training programmes for the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Plan to train international professionals from various countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Pacific and small Island countries training about 1170 professionals on themes related to urban development and infrastructure management, sustainable cities, smart cities, informal settlements, environmental management, urban governance and housing.

    • Training Programmes organized by HSMI during last 10 years:

      In view of the adoption and commitment for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Habitat III New Urban Agenda, COP21 and the major programmes of the Govt. of India in the habitat sector, it is imperative that the training and capacity building efforts of key stakeholders in the habitat sector need to be stepped up and strengthened. With the multi-disciplinary professionals available within HUDCO, HUDCO’s HSMI is geared up to take up various training and capacity building programmes for different stakeholders.