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                                                  Sustainable urban development is a multi-dimensional complex challenge. To
                                                  meet the challenge of growth dynamics without destroying the environment
                                                  and social harmony, sensitive city planning and design of urban spaces play
                                                  a key role in creating high-quality living environment.

                                                  Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd., as part of its vision and
                                                  mission of promoting sustainable habitats, recognizes and rewards excellence
                                                  in the design of habitats through its HUDCO Design Awards (HDA). HUDCO
                                                  launched the HDA in 2012 to encourage and appreciate innovative designs
                                                  that  aim  to  make  our  cities  more  liveable,  inclusive,  and  environmentally

                                                  sustainable. Since then, HUDCO conducts HDA every year to acknowledge the
                                                  creative and innovative design interventions demonstrated by professionals
                   in urban development. Over the years, HUDCO Design Awards has received encouraging responses
                   from professionals and motivated us to continue with the competition. I, on behalf of HUDCO, extend
                   our sincere gratitude and heartiest congratulations to the award winners for contributing towards
                   positive change through innovative design and sustainable solutions.

                   For the HUDCO Design Awards 2022-23, HUDCO invited original ground-breaking works done by
                   professionals in the development sector. The entries received from all over India were evaluated
                   by a team of eminent experts who selected winners for the five different categories; namely, Cost
                   Effective Rural /  Urban Housing deploying Innovative / Emerging &  Disaster Resistant Technology,
                   New & Innovative Town Design Solutions / Eco-Cities, Conservation of Heritage, Green Buildings,
                   and, Landscape Planning & Design. Our special thanks to the jury for accepting the arduous task of
                   selecting excellence and extraordinariness.

                   The compilation of award-winning projects titled “HUDCO Design Awards 2022-23” is for dissemination
                   to all stakeholders, including urban local bodies and professionals, and for its release on HUDCO

                   Annual Day 2023. I heartily commend the immaculate work of the HDA Team in the conduct of the
                   event, and the collaborative efforts of HUDCO Regional Offices and Finance, Administration, IT and
                   Public Relations Wings of Hudco, who worked in tandem with the HDA team to make it a success.
                   The HDA 2022-23 highlights the creative and innovative thinking of urban professionals, aimed at

                   making our cities sustainable and more liveable. I sincerely hope the viable alternatives elucidate the
                   potential to make a difference for the betterment of our future and provide insight to development

                                                                                                                    M Nagaraj
                   April 25  2023                                                                           Director Corporate Planning
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