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  1. Housing Finance
  2. We classify our housing finance loans into loans for social housing, residential real estate and HUDCO Niwas.

    • Social Housing:

      Under social housing, the ultimate beneficiaries of our financing are borrowers belonging to the EWS of the society and the LIG.

    • Residential Real Estate:

      Under residential real estate, the ultimate beneficiaries of our financing are public sector borrowers for housing and commercial real estate projects, including land acquisition. Such housing and commercial real estate projects cater primarily to the middle-income group and high-income group of society.

      We finance social housing and residential real estate through lending money to State Governments and their agencies (which primarily include state housing boards, rural housing boards, slum clearance boards, development authorities and Municipal Corporations), which, in turn, extend the finance to or utilise the finance for the ultimate beneficiaries. We ceased sanctioning new social housing and residential real estate loans to private sector entities in March 2013.

    • HUDCO Niwas:

      Under our retail finance product, which we call HUDCO Niwas, we provide (a) housing loans directly to individuals for the construction of houses, the purchase of houses and flats, the purchase of plots from public agencies/ co-operative housing societies of government employees, the extension and improvement of existing houses or flats and the refinancing of existing housing loans from banks and other financing institutions (collectively, “Individual Retail Loans”) and (b) bulk loans to State Governments, their agencies and PSUs to meet the demand of the house building advance of their employees/public, along with HFCs for housing loans for the general public (“Bulk Retail Loans”).

  3. Urban Infrastructure Finance
  4. We classify Urban Infrastructure Finance into: water supply; roads and transport; power; emerging sectors; commercial infrastructure and others; social infrastructure and area development; and sewerage and drainage.

    • Water Supply:

      Under water supply, we finance water related projects to un-serviced areas, rehabilitation projects and augmentation of existing supply and quality.

    • Roads and Transport:

      Under roads and transport, we finance roads, bridges, ports, airports, railways and purchase of buses.

    • Power:

      Under power, we finance power generation (hydro, thermal, wind, solar and bio mass based), transmission and distribution systems.

    • Emerging Sector:

      Under the emerging sector, we finance SEZs (special economic zones) industrial infrastructure, gas pipelines, oil terminals and telecom sector projects.

    • Commercial Infrastructure and Others:

      Under commercial infrastructure and others, we finance shopping centres, market complexes, malls-cum-multiplexes, hotels and office buildings.

    • Social Infrastructure and Area Development:

      Under social infrastructure and area development, we finance health, education and infrastructure projects (such as hospital, health centres, schools and other educational institutions, community centres and parks), integrated area development schemes (such as the development of new towns, urban extensions and growth centres) and basic sanitation projects.

    • Sewerage and Drainage:

      Under sewerage and drainage, we finance new schemes and augmentation and rehabilitation projects relating to sewerage, drainage and solid waste management.

  5. Take-Out Finance
  6. HUDCO offers "Take-Out finance" of loans from the borrowers and sectors which are also eligible for load funding by HUDCO, for paying off their high-cost bearing loans/deal with exposure related issues. Some of the major requirements for Take-out finance are as follows:

    • At the time of take-out finance, the loan account should fall in the category of standard asset and they should not be in the category of stressed loans i.e., classified as NPA or as Special Mention Accounts(SMA).

    • The loan during its tenure with the trasferring lender(s) should not have been restructured as per the definition of RBI. There should not be any modification to the terms and conditions of the existing loan contract.

    • In case of take-out of project loans from Originator (of loan), the originating lender/transferor should have held the loan for six months in its books from the date of commencement of commercial operations. If the loan is being acquired from a transferor who is not an orginator, six months will be calculated from the date of transfer of such loans in the books of transferor

    • The repayment period shall be equivalent to balance repayment period, as per original sanction by the existing lender.

    • HUDCO will not re-acquire a loan exposure, either fully or partially, that had been transferred by HUDCO previously. HUDCO shall also not consider takeout of such loans or any project cost enhancement (including cost-overrun) therein from that previously funded by HUDCO.

  7. Consultancy Services
  8. We provide consultancy services in the area of housing and urban development. Our consultancy services include providing services for government programmes and advising on urban and regional planning, design and development, environmental engineering and social development.

    We are appointed by the GoI for Government programmes. We provide other consultancy services based on requests from clients at any of our offices or through other methods such as competitive bidding. The terms of reference is prepared outlining the project requirements, time schedules of completion and details of stage-wise payment. Thereafter, a formal agreement is executed for undertaking the consultancy service.