Environmental Engineering

HUDCO provides consultancy services in various areas of Environmental Engineeringand has a team of experienced multidisciplinary professionals such as environmentalengineers, environmental planners, civil engineers and hydraulic engineers. HUDCO hasdeveloped and integrated project concepts in environmental engineering infrastructure;mainly in water supply, sewerage, drainage and solid waste management, sector and hasoffered technically feasible and financially viable solutions to the implementing agencies.

Focus areas of HUDCO’s consultancy services in Environmental Engineeringare as indicated below:
  1. Water Supply
    1. Intake Structures
    2. Transmission
    3. Treatment
    4. Distribution Network
  2. Sewerage and Sewage Treatment
    1. Sewage Collection System
    2. On-site Treatment / Disposal Systems
    3. Sewerage Network
    4. Sewage Treatment
    5. Recycling/Disposal
  3. Solid Waste Management
    1. Waste generation
    2. Collection
    3. Transfer/Transportation
    4. Processing and Material Recovery
    5. Treatment/ Waste to Energy
    6. Disposal/ Landfilling
  4. Storm Water Drainage System
  5. Industrial Wastewater Management
    1. Treatment
    2. Recycling/Disposal