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HUDCO Place, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi

HUDCO has undertaken key role of project coordinator for planning, designing & execution of the construction works. HUDCO has got the vast experience of projects such as Bhikaji Cama Place Project, Andrewsganj project, BSUP Projects at Patna and Disaster Rehabilitation projects at Bhubaneswar, Uttarkashi, Latur, Bhuj etc. wherein HUDCO.

General Pool Accommodation On 25 Acres of Land

BSUP Projects Under Jnnurm

Implementation of BSUP Projects Under Jnnurm

The Project involved implementation & construction of 480 Dwelling Units along with provisions for Basic Infrastructure Services for Urban Poor at 4 locations in Bihar, at total project cost of Rs. 13.65 crore between 2012 to 2014.

BSUP Project at Sarifaganj PMC Plot, Patna

Implementation of BSUP Project at Sarifaganj PMC Plot, Patna involved construction of 192 dwelling units for the urban poor. Each of the dwelling unit constructed had a plinth area of 317 sqft.

BSUP Project at Sarifaganj PMC Plot

BSUP Project at Mangal Talab Patna

BSUP Project at Mangal Talab Patna

Under the BSUP scheme at Mangal Talab Patna 32 Dwelling Units were constructed for the Urban Poor, on behalf of the Govt. of Bihar. The plinth area for each dwelling unit was 317 sqft.

Rehabilitation of Disaster Victims

Disaster Management & Mitigation activities has been one of the key areas of HUDCO’s specialization. HUDCO has always extended its helping hand in times of crises due to natural calamities like earthquakes, landslides, cyclone, flooding, sea erosion and tsunami etc. in various parts of the country. HUDCO has extended its special financial and technical assistance for rehabilitation housing and other programmes to various State Govts. Till date HUDCO’s assistance has helped in the rehabilitation of 41.44 lakhs (4.1 million) families affected by natural calamities.

School Building at Chamoli, Uttarkashi

Construction of community asset buildings and rural housing in Gujarat, after Gujarat earthquake (January 2001).

Disaster Rehabilitation Efforts

HUDCO has taken up significant initiatives for post -disaster rehabilitation involving construction of houses and community buildings as well as organization of training programmes for capacity augmentation. HUDCO has been extensively involved in rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters like earthquake -affected people at Jabalpur, Latur, Osmanabad, Chamoli, Bhuj as well as victims of cyclone in Orissa. It has also contributed to the construction of houses for Tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu and community halls in earthquake affected areas of J&K as temporary shelters. For the victims of the recently occurred cloud burst in Leh, that claimed a large number of lives and rendered hundreds homeless, HUDCO has funded construction of 144 Prefab Starter Houses for affected families which has been successfully completed before the onset of harsh winter in the valley.