Consultancy & Planning


More than 300 projects have been handled since its inception, covering diversified fields under housing and urban development sector.


To promote, establish, assist, collaborate and provide consultancy services for designing and planning of projects relating to housing and urban development programme in India and abroad”


HUDCO Consultancy Services are suited for institutions that do not have the expertise or manpower, or want to supplement their own efforts. HUDCO Consultancy Services will also suit those housing or urban development agencies that wish to prepare project reports for implementation on their own or by availing financial assistance from International agencies, Govt. of India, State Governments or housing finance institutions including HUDCO.

Professional Staff

HUDCO Consultancy services has multi-disciplinary professional staff including Architects, Town Planners, Housing Experts, Landscape Designers, Engineers, Transportation Planners, Ecologists, Construction Management Specialists etc. at various levels. It can also draw on the expertise available from other disciplines in HUDCO and external experts of repute.

Services Rendered

HUDCO consultancy has undertaken a number of projects in the areas of cost-effective housing, environmental improvement, development plans, post disaster rehabilitation, landscape and conservation.

Some of the key areas of work include: