Financing, Consultancy and Capacity Building
Aiming New Responsibilities, Looking New Possibilities...

    Housing and urban development programmes with all its inherent complexities cannot be effectively implemented without a sound professional backup. HUDCO realized that its financing programmes would succeed only if the various aspects of planning, use of construction materials, use of appropriate technologies as well as sociological aspects were studied and reviewed on a continuing basis. In line with this, HUDCO's approach has been to increase all aspects of professional inputs in shelter and infrastructure projects and in all stages of the project cycle. To achieve this, HUDCO draws on professional skills available in house as well as elsewhere in the country.

    HUDCO is a compact organization with its headquarters at Delhi. For more than a decade, till 1983, it functioned from its Head Office alone. With a view to ensure its speedy services to all regions, HUDCO has laid emphasis on decentralization of its activities. HUDCO soon spread its wings to develop a closer and stronger rapport with the agencies in various States and to identify new ones in different regions. Today, in addition to the Corporate Office at Delhi, 21 Regional Offices and 11 Development Offices are functioning covering the entire country.

    The total human resource strength of HUDCO is 602 with multi-disciplinary professional background of Finance, Law, Architecture, Civil and Public Health Engineering, Urban and Regional Planing, Environmental and Transport Specialization, Community Development, Information Technology, Economics, Real Estate Development, Human Resource, Public Relations, etc.

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