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The development of mental and physical health of the citizens and improvement of law and order situation in the society are important aspects of city life. HUDCO considers that social infrastructure is part of priority lending as it directly affects the quality of life in the urban centres. Under this key portfolio of HUDCO's lending operations, HUDCO provides loan assistance to government departments/authorities/public agencies for development of educational, health related infrastructure as well as public institution buildings. Development of Police infrastructure such as police stations, offices, rehabilitation centers, police training facilities etc. has also emerged as a growing portfolio for HUDCO. Under the shadow of the pandemic, HUDCO is geared to meet the funding needs of the various States/UTs for strengthening of health related institutions such as Multispeciality hospitals, hospital cum teaching institutions, clinics, health centres, medical personnel training institutes etc.

The range of projects covered by HUDCO funding so far include construction of National games villages, stadia, sports complexes, shooting ranges, parks and play grounds, health centres, government hospitals, schools, colleges, State Vidhan Sabha sadans, police academy & stations, fire stations, court/collectorate/govt. office buildings, rehabilitation centers, auditoria, convention halls, crematoriums, etc. HUDCO has also extended loans for renovation, addition or expansion or completion of such ongoing works.